Idle Threats...

Swami Gulagulaananda propounded:

"There's no difference between an idle threat and a barking dog - both make noise, and neither hurts"

We had a wonderful occasion in our college where those who got First Class Distinction are honoured with awards - Rs. 500 worth book coupon and it's a really good incentive in a way. But here is a rather funny incident that took place. Before they actually give us the book coupons, we have to listen to speeches - That's right, plural. Now listening to a crisp speech that has a lot of stuff in it is definitely a pleasure to listen to; it's over soon, and you are enlightened too. However, after the crisp speech, we were supposed to leave because subsequent speeches weren't going to be as good plus we had to urgently leave. Here, by we, I mean, my friends and I...

So, we, who were seated in the first floor balcony of our auditorium decided to move out, and when we reached the door, someone suddenly slammed the door shut from inside [Don't ask me how that can be done...] And locked the door and ran into a small room to adjust mike volume. We requested him to open the door and he bluntly refused. I told him, we have to leave really urgently, please open the door and he again flatly says no... This made me wild. What does he mean. "No?" I said, "what's that? I want to leave, I have some urgent work, what do you mean no?" He said - I can't let you go. He was an attender and obviously didn't have much hold on us. Suddenly a teacher standing on the side gruffly jumps in between and rudely said "Go back and sit where you came from, you can't leave."

He may be our teacher, but still, we deserve respect. You just can't talk to us like we have come asking for favours or begging for money. I said I want to leave rather urgently and he says you can't. If you leave, people will leave after you and there'll be nobody to listen to the speech. I was shocked. What a quaint way to maintain audience. I thought it would be better to make the speech interesting which would make people to sit than forcefully asking them to sit.

When I insisted, he jumps again and points and tells me - which department are you from and what's your name. I told him - Nikhil Baliga from Electronics. He said ok, go! We all came out. Ten minutes later, my friend also named "Nikhil" also from electronics department also had a similar problem. Now I am sure he'll be wondering how electronics department is generating so many rebellious nikhils... One thing is very clear from all this. He was wrong and we were right in asking to be let out - when we have to urgently go somewhere why are we being subjected to something we don't want, being forced into something that makes it all so absurd. He took our names, yes, but it'll be fun when I prove it in front of others [if that day comes...] how he was wrong and I was right. His threat made no sense - seriously, how dumb.


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