Handwriting Analysis

Baba Gyani Triviani claimed:

"If thy future can be read;
If tomorrow can be said
I shudder to think about the predictions of morrow
If today thou just lay here dead"

Do you believe in future being read? Or personality analysis... Crystal balls, handwriting, tea leaves, palmistry, face reading, solar and lunar charts, DOB, etc. A fantastic concept. If this science was actually true, and was perfected, then there would have been a large number of advantages. You could predict terror attacks, disaster due to tsunami and other natural calamities could be avoided (in terms of life I mean), disease, death, financial future, academic (for students) etc. But I suppose this is not perfected as of now. Even if done, is known only to a very select few, the elite... whoever they are.

I recently took a handwriting test online (on web tickle - you can find this site by running a Google search). Anyway, their test was the standard handwriting analysis... since it is an online test and I can't write anything, they have done it well, by showing varied samples of handwriting, asking us which fits most, best or closest, and then asks how we write, alignment of characters, words, lines, indentation, size, gap between text and margin etc.

The analysis was ok, I mean, I was able to understand why the conclusion was what they concluded. Like for example, a really fancy way of writing a letter has been concluded as a "cunning, dishonest, deceitful person" Alright, whether or not this is true, we can logically conclude this from the fact that a very elaborate style has been used to write a simple letter. My capital letters [upper case] has always been fancy, fancier than the lower case at least. So, this program says, I am dishonest after seeing my normal style of writing lower case, it claims I am honest and straightforward, I write English letters the way I was taught, the conventional British style of writing... And this program kept on insisting, stressing, that I was dishonest and honest, deceitful and straightforward on every alternate line. And this was ridiculous.

The handwriting analysis might not be exactly accurate. The logic he has used is simple and fancy words such as "Graphologists, analysts" etc. are just gibberish, or the more formal term would be technical jargon. Proper spacing of characters from the margins indicates that I am orderly (I follow it for the neatness) and this conclusion is correct. If someone writes haphazardly then, he isn't orderly. Again, this doesn't need an "analyst" or "graphologist" to predict or conclude. Even commoners like thyself and I can say this. A person puts a lot of pressure means he's full of energy and a person who writes lightly lacks energy. I really didn't find anything so wonderful about all the fuss and hype about handwriting analysis. And frankly, I myself keep changing my style of writing, depends on my mood. The style of "g, o, m, n, k, b" and other letters keep varying, not even dependent on my mood, arbitrarily. Now this program would keep concluding differently, and end up making me a "multiple split personality disorder suffering person" because it keeps concluding contradicting this about me. Do you think handwriting analysis is true or accurate?


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